About us

We manufacture body armor,  soft ballistic inserts, trauma inserts, knife inserts, combination inserts, custom ballistic products, and replacement ballistic inserts for Second Chance, PACA, Safariland, ABA,  Point Blank and other vests. Rhino Armor puts the protection in your product. We use Kevlar, Goldflex, Spectrashield,   and hybrid panels for the best ballistic, blunt trauma, and fragmentation protection available.     

ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE AMERICAN MADE, AND USE AMERICAN MADE MATERIALS.  Many companies advertise " Made in American " but still use cheap Chinese made ballistic materials, assembled here.  

Since our replacement products are custom made by the piece for your application we use pretested NIJ fabric standards for panel construction.  Complete products are tested in house and by HP White labs and meet or exceed the ballistic requirements of NIJ 0101.06  IIIa  and Military 622f  fragmentation standards. We test for military standards even though we do not sell to the military. Individual military personel purchasing our products can be sure we exceed all military requirements. We strive to provide better protection from penetration AND blunt trauma by using a combination of fabrics to give the "best of all worlds". Kevlar fabrics are best at point blank impacts, blunt trauma and fragmentation. Goldflex gives more "stopping power" for less weight. So by mixing fabrics carefully, you get the best combined protection per weight.

We also produce complete products for sale to individual and contractor customers through our distributor. Our  finished products are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest standards. We are a small  American family owned company so every aspect of  the product from development to production is a group effort. Design and fabrication layout are done to ensure a high quality product and no waste of time or material in it's production. This group effort gives you the BEST product at the LOWEST price. We don't waste money on useless overhead like the big companies. Our concern is HIGH quality protection at LOW cost for all the everyday heroes who put their lives on the line for all of us.

As you can see in this layout of kevlar and spectrashield, nearly every inch of fabric is used,   keeping down waste, and cost, and saving the customer money.

   Proudly made in the United States of America with American labor and materials from DuPont and other quality U.S. manufacturers.




12x12" test panel from our vest insert. 6 rounds of .44 magnum 240gr 1430  fps.   NIJ IIIa

back of 12" test panel. 6 rounds of .44 magnum 240gr 1430  fps. no penetration.

Production vest insert tested by  NIJ lab HP White to NIJ IIIa 06 standard shot test. 6 rounds .44 mag, no penetration. Average BFD 36.6mm.

 The new NIJ 06  certification standard is, in our opinion, meant to be a roadblock for small companies, NOT a way to provide field users a safer product. We don't understand how soaking in water for hours or 12 hours tumbling a vest in a dryer judges real world performance of ballistics when every manufacturer says NEVER use a wet vest or put a vest in a dryer.. Our products pass the ballistic portion of testing from NIJ IIIa standards, but we do not plan to spend the $18,000 it takes to do the full certification requirements. We will continue to use our NIJ 0101.05 construction standards and test in house to NIJ 0101.06 IIIa  ballistic standards and use NIJ lab H.P. White to insure NIJ 0101.06 IIIa ballistic compliance .  OUR GOAL IS STILL TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A SAFER VEST, NOT A MORE EXPENSIVE VEST.

You won't find any videos of our products. They are too easy to fake, as are MANY we have seen posted. Shoot it with low bullet weight, or low velocity  9mm,  or .45ACP to show the round sitting in the 1st layer of the product. If someone promotes testing with a .45ACP, then look elsewhere. A .45ACP is one of the easiest rounds for body armor to stop, with less than HALF the energy of a .44 magnum. We will just stick with our certified HP White NIJ IIIa tests.

God bless and protect our Troops and Public Servants.